10 Facebook Pages to Follow About Horses

Friday, October 13, 2017

Now, let's see. 

Twitter equine accounts. Check! Pinterest equine accounts. Check!

So, now it's the turn of Facebook! Here's some cool, equine Facebook pages to follow. Of course, you may already be following these pages and that's cool. However, you're more than welcome to suggest good equine pages that you follow (or even your own) that I can add to the list ;)

Keep Dartmoor Hill Ponies off the Menu - British people do not eat horses (as a rule.) Yes, there are a those few that do, but, to be honest, it hasn't taken hold. I would hope that it would stay that way. We Brits do not eat our pets, period and there would be just as much disgust and revulsion if cats and dogs were to suddenly turn up on the menu. So, I support this page all the way and any other like it.

Equine Awareness Therapy - This page is all about promoting your horse's welfare and health. So, important for a happy horse.

Haynet Blog - Haynet was the first equine network and social community I joined a few years back. I haven't left it though I did have a break from the internet. It's a great community which promotes and supports equestrians all over the world.

Horse Trust - Of the many horse charities that work to improve the life of horses over the UK. It also takes in abused and neglected equines to give them a second chance in life.
The Confident Rider - This is one page I love simply because I need the help it gives. After an absence of 25 years, I've lost my confidence in riding and handling horses. I couldn't do without it.

How to Market Your Horse Business - If you have a blog, you have a 'business' even if you're just posting for yourself or family. Unless you are an equine influencer like Horse and Hound, you'll need additional help with marketing yourself. You can find tips and advice here.

Horse and Rider Books - Plenty of equine reading featured here as well as other interesting information. Basically, if you're looking for new books to read, here's a good starting point.

Horse Talk - This page is extremely popular; it's membership count is huge! I hope that my own page can achieve this total before I die :) Talk about everything equine to your heart's desire.

Horses 4 Homes - Find your next horse listed on this page. There's plenty of equines needing a good and stable home for the rest of their lives. 'Horses4Homes is committed to helping the equine community to re-home horses more responsibly and by doing so reduce the number of horses in need of rescuing each year. '

The British Horse Society - The biggest equestrian charity in the UK and no doubt in the world, too. Its examinations are recognised as the qualifications to achieve to further your equine career and personal knowledge. 


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